Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. has a rich history of women who have led the way in communities to address issues that perpetrate social inequalities and continue to be catalysts for change. We
will continue to be beacons of light to empower and engage the communities we service through Social Action.

For us, Social Action presents the opportunity to implement initiatives that address conditions plaguing our communities. As such, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. Inc. proactively engages by:  partnering with community stakeholders, holding Public Meetings and Town Halls, participating in peaceful protests, and enlisting legislative support.


Voting Rights and Voting Registration

Violence Against Women & Girls

Human Trafficking




A Golden Alert℠ is in effect for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Golden Alert℠ refers to the sorority’s social and legislative action activities, initiatives and programming designed to empower and engage by providing meaningful resources, action plans and solutions for the communities it serves. Golden Alert issues can be those which call for immediate action to address the various issues and conditions plaguing our communities. Sigma Gamma Rho is equipped to make an impact and take a proactive approach to be catalysts for change through education and community empowerment.

Golden Alert programming began in December 2014. Originally, Golden Alert programming was designed to outline the sorority’s legislative agenda urging reform in the following areas:

• Mandatory annual training for all law enforcement inclusive of cultural competency and sensitivity training
• Use and enforcement of body and dashboard cameras by law enforcement
• Ensure best practices for a diverse representation on all community policing models
• Utilization of a special prosecutor in instances where persons are killed by police officers in the line of duty
• Establishment of Citizen Review Boards to review complaints against law enforcement
• Restrictions on criminal profiling practices. Sigma Gamma Rho will partner with local, state and national leaders to continue our work to make a positive impact in all communities.

Since that time, Golden Alert programming has expanded to include a variety of social action and legislative action initiatives designed to engage and support the communities we serve. In addition to the original town hall meetings and forums, Golden Alert activities include: issue and social media awareness campaigns, community and sorority mobilization initiatives, and other "Calls to Action" supported by sorority leadership. We have entitled this plan Golden Alert because our communities are like precious stones of gold which we all have a responsibility to preserve.

We will host a series of national and community forums, symposia, initiatives and events to address the issues impacting our youth and families. Please review the following pages for additional information regarding Golden Alert activities. The events are free and open to the public.
Golden Alert Toolkit
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